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    JavaFX in browser and FXRobotHelper equivalent?

      I'm working on a kind of spy++ for javafx (in browser)

      My java agent can "inject" my code into a javafx application in a browser.
      Window.getWindows(); return some straight java UI elements like jframe, JDialog, jrootpane,jlayeredpanel and a JPanel...BUT NOTHING releated to javafx. It look like the javafx is "hosted" somehow under the jpanel

      The following questions are about a simple javafx application (any application) in a browser.


      1- Why the FXRobotHelper return nothing (FXRobotHelper.getStages()) is there a way to access to the javafx root just like a non browser javafx application
      2- Is there a way to access to the javafx part of the application ? (the scene or the rootnode from the last jpanel?)