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    Best way to update a PRA file with changes to P6 schedule?


      I've spent some time looking at user manuals and video tutorials to try and become familiar with how to use Primavera Risk Analysis. I come from an @RISK user background so there were some concepts that were a little different between the two applications.

      One thing of particular interest to my company is how to use PRA with a constantly evolving and updating P6 project schedule? I know there are ways to import/export user defined fields to store the min/most likely/max values for each task. I also know that the risk register can be imported/exported from Excel. My concern can perhaps be demonstrated by this example (based on my current understanding of PRA and P6)

      1. Start PRA and import a copy of a P6 schedule. This is not a "live" link but rather a copy made for use with PRA.
      2. Set-up the risk register, link to project tasks. Set-up activity min/most likely/max, assign to a distribution (triangle)
      3. Run Monte Carlo simulations, review results etc.
      4. At this point I could export the min/most likely/max durations back to P6 as user defined fields and I could update the duration in P6 with the most likely. I'm not sure what would happen with risk activities that created new project activities but I assume they would import as new tasks to P6?

      After going through steps 1-4, the P6 schedule might continue to evolve further with new tasks, new dependencies, new durations, etc. At some point, I may be asked again to perform another risk analysis on the project and here is where my question comes in: Do I have to start all over and import everything into a new PRA? I know that I could get the min/max most likely from P6 user defined fields, I know I could import the risk register from Excel but are there other things that I would lose by having to start over (for example, links between risks in the risk register and the tasks in the P6 schedule?) Or... is there a way to re-use an existing PRA file and update the P6 schedule while preserving the info (like risk register, etc.)?

      Thank you for your reply