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    Disaster Recovery on another Sun Server

      I have a question in regards to disaster recovery of Sun servers. We have a client that hosting applications within Sun T platform which utilizes LDOM configuration. These boxes host around five guests.

      Currently we use a software called EMC HomeBase(http://www.emc.com/backup-and-recovery/homebase/homebase.htm) to enhance our DR recovery by profiling the Sun box and transmitting that profile to our DR vendor. DR vendor in turn with help from EMC will install the OS, patch level and apply that profile to setup the system with NIC information, file systems and other components so we would only
      need to restore our data from NETBACKUP and don't do any system recovery.

      Unfortunately, EMC does not support LDOMs nor containers. Now my question is if Sun has a way around this? Please note that the servers will be different models at DR. for example T5220 to a T5440 or V890 to V490.
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          It'd be rather easy to manually install same LDOM configuration on DR site... all EMC seems to be doing is getting the profile & then someone is creating setup manually...

          Anyways... here you go:

          Backup & Recovery of guest domain

          Archive and backup the guest domain configuration:
          ldm list-constraints -x <ldom> > <ldom>.xml
          Backup the guest domains over the network with backup software as regular server
          Restore the guest domain configuration, assuming that your VSW and VDS resources are available:
          ldm add-domain -i <ldom>.xml
          Make sure that you have enough VCPU, MAU, and Memory to boot your guest domain.
          Jumpstart guest domain and install backup client. Restore data from backup.

          Backup LDOM configuration

          You can take the backup of the configuration using "ldm add-spconfig saveconfigurtion" command which will store in SP of the server.
          For taking the backup of the individual domain use "ldm ls-constrants >> filename.xml" it will give the xml output just redirect it to a file.
          While creating the domain again use "ldm create ldomname -f filename.xml"
          You can not create control domain by the above procedure we hve to configure manualy or even if your control domain crashed install new OS and install LDOM Manager in the Base OS create /etc/hostname.vsw0 & vsw1 files poweroff the server from SP. set bootmode config=saveconfiguration

          How to backup the primary domain

          Backup the LDM db files in: /var/opt/SUNWldm
          Archive and backup the primary domain configuration:
          ldm list-constraints -x primary > primary.xml
          Backup the primary domains over the network with backup software as regular server.

          How to recover primary domain

          Update firmware
          Install backup client & LDM software
          Restore /var/opt/SUNWldm
          Start up LDM services
          If all goes well, the LDM config will be read and you will be in initial configuration mode. Save the config to the hypervisor and
          reboot. If not, parse the primary.xml file to recreate the primary domain configuration, save config, and reboot.
          Restore guest domain configs and data. Then bring up guest domains.