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    EBS 11.5.10cu2 database upgrade using network dpimp


      I am upgradeing all my Oracle db's to

      I have done the upgrade successfully for our custom student system, bpel and OEM.

      The plan I followed for this environments was:

      install Oracle db 11.2 on the new server (upgrading the hardware and OS at the same time to)
      create the db
      import datapump via network link the data
      del stats ,gather stats and
      point the apps to the new db.

      But now I am a little stuck with db EBS db . It is about 250 gig's in size, so to do test runs on the above proses takes time.

      The source db is 10.2.4 running on a single instance in ASM. RHEL 5.7
      The target db is running on a single instance with grid infrastructure for standalone server, in ASM on a vmware virtual server. RHEL 5.8
      The EBS consists mainly of the HR and fin modules.

      I used Note 881505.1

      Interoperability Notes
      Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i
      with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2.0)

      and Export/import notes on Applications 11i Database 11g [ID 557738.1]

      To create the db , and then import everything

      But after the import I saw there are lots of EBS objects in the system schema of the source database that was not in my target db.

      How do I create these objects. It include things like views, queue tables and custom data types.

      I do not want to do the imort into a 10g db and then upgrade to 11g. I want a nice clean db after the upgrade.

      thank you
      Phillip du Plooy
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          I never prefer to use imp/exp for EBS system. Its very hard to check all objects are valid or find to define which object missing.

          I suggest follow Note 881505.1 and make directly upgrade instead of export-import

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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

            You could lay down 11gR2 ORACLE_HOME on the target node and create a clean 11g database then use export/import to move the database from 10g to 11g using (Export/import notes on Applications 11i Database 11g [ID 557738.1]). This way you do not have to export/import the 10g database then upgrade it to 11g.

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              Hallo Hussein,

              Thanks for the reply . I saw in the following export/import parameter file ($AU_TOP/patch/115/import/auexpdp.dat ) that the sys and system schema's are also imported into the new db.

              Is this not a probleme? Because I am importing into a 11g db from 10g. Will the "old" sys/system objects that is brought over not create problems for my 11g db?

              I have done a network import like I described above (excluding sys en system, and afterwards recreated all the missing objects) but the EBS work flow is not working 100%

              So I think if I include sys and system this will also work, but what about the 10g sys objects in my 11g db? Is there not a better way to recreate all these objects?

              Thank you
              Phillip du Plooy