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How to use 'html' in ADF using JS

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Hi experts

I am using JDeveloper

I have a requirement where i have to show a diagram in HTML in jsff page.

As of now i tried to do this in two ways but both of these are not working.

1. HTML popup from page
     <af:resource type="javascript">
        function popitup(url) {
            newwindow =, 'name', 'height=200,width=150');
            if (window.focus) {
            return false;
     <af:panelFormLayout maxColumns="2" rows="1" fieldWidth="60%"
                              labelWidth="40%" id="pfl2">
            <af:commandLink text="#{Ltv_en.LBL_VIEW_TREE}" rendered="true"
                            action="return popitup('ltv_tree.html')" id="cl1">View</af:commandLink>
2. Using inlineframe
       <af:resource type="javascript">
          function loadHandler(event) {
        <af:inlineFrame source="ltv_tree.html"
                        shortDesc="#{Ltv_en.LBL_LTV_TREE}" id="if1">
          <af:clientListener type="inlineFrameLoad" method="loadHandler"/>
The file "ltv_tree.html" is in same folder as of jsff page.

Please help

Thanks you


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