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    Oracle AutoVue Configuration for UCM or WCC

      I am facing problem during configuration of AutoVue for UCM or WCC. When I run JVue server, it executes normally while, when i check Jvueservlet server, an error has been occurred like java execution program property error. After completing installation and configuration AutoVue for UCM, When one clicks on "View In AutoVue", then it opens in a new window but again an error occurred and nothing to display. Kindly give me related solution or post Screens for Oracle AutoVue in UCM installation and configuration.
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          Graham Mckendry-Oracle
          Hi Ora-Tech,

          When you say "Jvueservlet" shows an error, are you referring to the "VueServlet"? If the VueServlet status page is showing an error, then this means there's either a problem on the application server hosting the VueServlet, or a problem with the AutoVue server itself. What is the exact error message you're seeing on the VueServlet status page? Also, when this error occurs, did you also check the AutoVue server admin console to see if all processes are still running properly?

          If this is a VueServlet or AutoVue server issue, and if the issue still persists, I would recommend to log a Service Request through the My Oracle Support portal so that our Support team can help diagnose.