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    Keep-alive message bridge connection


      I have setup messaging bridge between WLS and a JBoss Messaging queque, after about 4 hours of inactivity in a queue bridge was disconneted, is there any way to configure keep-alive connection in WLS bridge ?

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          You can try to set the IdleTimeMaximum setting on your bridge configuration to a very large number. It specifies the maximum amount of time, in seconds, that a messaging bridge instance remains idle.
          In “asynchronous” mode, this is the longest amount of time a messaging bridge instance stays idle before it checks the sanity of its connection to the source. In “synchronous” mode, this is the amount of time the messaging bridge can block on a receive call if no transaction is involved.

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            Tom B

            A 4 hour timeout seems unrelated to the bridge's max-idle-time to me. Some questions:

            - Which side of the bridge is timing out (source dest or target dest)?

            - Which vendor is attached to this side?

            - Is the side that's timing out tunneling through a firewall/NAT?