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    Problems updating Java

      I have two - possibly linked - problems in updating Java.

      1) A few days ago the auto-updater told me that an update was available. So I clicked on the "yes" and was told that it couldn't download the update. Reason unspecified.

      2) Having heard of a vulnerability which needs patching, I went into the Java console, but the Update tab is missing. The same happens when I log in as Admin.

      So how can I update please?
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          ptoye wrote:
          So how can I update please?
          Uninstall java entirely and then go to java.com to reinstall it fresh comes to mind. Whatever problems you are having, its specific to your computer or network. I updated Java from update 24 to update 31 just yesterday through the Java console, no issues at all.
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            Well, that's not the problem. But looking through the installation procedures for 64-bit Java it says:

            "Note: At this time, Online Installation and Java Update features are not available for 64-bit architectures. This means that you will not see an Update tab as part of the Java Control Panel. "

            Which seems to explain it. Why 64-bit Java can't update itself is a bit of a mystery, though.

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