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    Interface taking 3hrs

      Hi Frnds,

      I'm working on ODI 10g, Source : Oracle Database 11 Target: Oracle 10g

      I have one interface with 5 columns in both source and target (with 5 millions records).
      I'm using LKM: sql to oracle, IKM: oracle incremental update

      It is taking 3 hrs every day i.e. this single interface to execute.
      How, could i reduce the time factor - Can using of JKM and identifying only updated, new records and then moving helps me or not ?

      If yes, please, let me know how to use jkm.
      Please, provide me steps.
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          If you have sufficient privileges, you could try to use LKM Oracle to Oracle (DBLINK). It should run in about 5mins.
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            See you will need to understand what is really causing the issue .
            First check the C$ and see how much time its taking . Also check if you can reduce the No of rows fetch by using Source Table Update date as filter .
            Secondly check the time taken in I$ . See if you can reduce it by implementing the right indexes ,storage and check with ur DBA or analyze how u can improve its performance.

            JKM is Journalizing KM which captures INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE (i.e CDC ) on the Source and some type of JKM method creates Trigger on Source.
            You can visit this link -http://odiexperts.com/changed-data-capture-cdc/ & http://odiexperts.com/cdc-consistent/
            Also look into the Oracle Official Documentation for all type of CDC and see what matches your requirement.
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