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    Some random questions about integration features


      after working for a few weeks with Autovue's ISDK (web server) and having some sucess with its integration with our custom CMS, I have a few random questions about what can be done and what can't be done. So, instead of opening many new threads, I'll post them here together.

      1) Translation. We are localised in Russia, and its translation is incomplete. I have found a tra_en.properties file in AutoVue/bin, and a description about how to create a properties file for custom actions. But no information about how to translate to other languages - and russian translation appears to be packed within the jar of the applet. Is there a clean way to translate, or refine the current translation, so we don't get a mix of russian and english commands in the applet? Because my tries using EXTRABUNDLES have failed, as I don't want to add a bundle for extra actions, but to replace it for existing ones.

      2) Attachments in markups. Markups allow to attach other files, but since our CMS is custom, we only get the option to attach files from our local drives. We did no browse integration with the CMS, as people with different levels of permission will have different access to files there, and we considered unnecessary to provide that level of integration. We are considering to remove this action from the GUI, but before that I'd like to evaluate how hard would it be to generate an upload file action, so the attached file would be stored in the custom CMS and linked to it so the whole thing worked. My guess is "it will be hard and time consuming", so for now, we are considering to delete this feature in our integration.

      3) Is there a way to resize the Open markup dialog? We have several properties displayed, and fit well within a standard screen, but the dialog is small and you have to scroll the table to see all properties.

      Thanks for any assistance with these issues
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          1) Please contact AutoVue support team on the procedure of how to implement translations.

          2) Note that there are 2 types of similar markup entities: attachments and hyperlinks.
          The difference is that attachments are embedded inside markup file itself, hyperlinks are not.
          You probably want to remove hyperlinks, but attachments should still be OK even with local files.

          3) Unfortunately the size is fixed, however the dialog is resizable by the user...

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            As always, thanks for the fast answer, Artash.

            Yes, now I see attachments are stored inside the markup file. The problem is, when I open markup mode for the attachment, since the attachment uses some kind of default access method, my url's from the integration with the background CMS are broken completely. I believe the ideal state here would be to make some kind of inner markup for the attachment, maybe stored within the original markup file along the attached file. Or maybe it works that way, and I need to access it with the default gui action instead of my custom one. If that is the case, is there any way to tell the gui file how to differentiate a standard opened file from an attached one? If so, the issue has solution. If not... Well, then maybe something escapes me.

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              Markup in markup is quite a good idea actually...
              The thing with attachments is that in most use cases users don't need to mark them up.
              But of course you need your application to behave consistently.
              You cannot define GUI mode based on where the file comes from
              However in your action you can check if the file comes from integration - VueBean.getDocID().isDMS() will tell you that.
              If it returns false, then you need to fallback to original markup save action. You can do it through JVue.invokeAction(String, String) API.
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                But, will the markup save inside the attachment then? Because the default action is to save it on the CMS.
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                  No, it will be saved as a markup for local files... and it won't be visible if you open the same attachment on another machine...
                  So the best would be to disable markup mode for attachments if your users don't really need it...