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    Problem when importing v6.0 XER & Reports into v8.2

      I am ugrading from 6.0 to 8.2 (Professional Client, no EPPM). I exported an XER from 6.0 and imported it into 8.2. At the same time I exported Reports from 6.0 and imported them into 8.2.

      I have printed copies of the reports from 6.0 to compare with.

      XER problems:
      Problem 1: There is at least one activity that does not have the Budgeted Total Cost and Actual Cost transferred over. This activity (just one example) is 100% complete, has Budgeted and Actual costs in 6.0, but both show up as zero in 8.2, thus skewing the Earned Value and the overall cost of the project.

      There are no filters in effect anywhere.

      Reports problems:
      Firstly, some reports work just fine.

      Reports problem 1: Some reports, especially those that are grouped by an Activity Code, error out saying that they were created with an earlier version or are referencing fields that no longer exist. These reports were created using the wizard. These work just fine in 6.0. The fields (Activity codes and values) were indeed imported and exist in 8.2.

      I modified those reports using the 8.2 reports wizard in 8.2 (The grouping by Activity Code was missing and I added it), then they sort of worked OK, but then the Sub-Totals show up as zero.

      Reports problem 2: In one of those reports (grouped by a certain Activity Code), one activity does not show up in the 8.2 report but shows up in the 6.0 report. I checked the activity in question to see if the code assignment had somehow disappeared, but no. The code asignment is still there and is valid, it just does not show up in the report, again skewing up the sub-totals and overall project totals.

      Has anyone faced a similar issue before? If so, how did you resolve this?

      Does anyone know if this is a known issue or is it happening only to me?

      In the reports, after importing,, why is it that the Activity Code grouping did not import properly? Why did I have to create that grouping again in the reports wizard?

      Thank you.