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    ud32 output format

      Hi all,

      We use ud32 for test service using fml32 buffers.One of the output field is a double, when the field value is high the data is displayed in exponential format.

      Is it possible config the output fomat?I do not want exponential format. Its possible config this in ud32?, its a shell config?

      Thank in advanced.
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          Todd Little-Oracle

          Unfortunately there isn't any way to control the output of ud/ud32. It simply uses Fprint() which uses the format string "%g" to print floats and doubles. What you are asking for sounds reasonable. As an alternative it wouldn't be hard to use a script (awk or otherwise) to convert the exponential formatted numbers to non-exponential format.

          If you really need, I would suggest opening and enhancement request with Oracle Customer Support.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

          PS ud/ud32 is really a pretty simple utility and replicating it yourself wouldn't be much work.
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            Hi Todd,

            Thank you very much. We'll use awk for convert exponential format.