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    Oracle RAC HAIP vs network interface bonding


      Oracle intruduced new feature called HAIP (11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Redundant Interconnect and ora.cluster_interconnect.haip [ID 1210883.1] ) in Oracle or later. Oracle GI natively supports HAIP so that user does not need to configure Interconnect network interface bonding anymore.

      It seems to me that HAIP will provide better performance than network bonding. Using HAIP, you can have up to four interconnect at work at same time whereas bonding really present as one interconnect IP (ofcause you can have two bondings configured, but still is 1/2 of what HAIP can potentially up to).

      Any thought on this?
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          I have implemented this at my site on a two node RAC.
          We did test the same by bringing the newly added interfaces down and the failover did happen as expected.

          I personally think that OS bonding will be better considering the number of bugs we run into as when the complexity and involvement of Oracle features increases.
          Not saying that Oracle is unreliable, but just a personal opinion.
          There is already a situation, you may face, wherein after the failover (and failback following the failover) the IPs returned are not correct due to ARP caching if the IPs fall under same network.
          This can be avoided by using proven OS bonding (not that I'm aware of any issues with OS bonding :) ).
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            Thanks jjk user's response. Sorry for delayed repsponse ( I got problem login to this site).

            Do you have to configure multicast for the interconnect network interface in order to use HAIP?


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