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    Postgis to Oracle

      Hey there,

      Looking to start figuring out the most efficient way to transition PostGis data to Oracle Spatial.

      Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.
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          Simon Greener

          How about telling us a lot more about your environment:

          1. Oracle version
          2. PostgreSQL version
          3. PostGIS version
          4. Operating system (linux, windows server ???, solaris)
          5. Client tools (eg QuantumGIS, FME, etc)
          6. Command line tools eg ogr2ogr
          7. Can the two databases "see" each other?

          ... because until you do all suggestions we may put forward may be useless to you and a waste of time for us.

          Also, what were your first thoughts on how to go about it?

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            Hi Simon,

            Well I don;t have a lot of the information your are asking about. I presume it will be the latest Enterprise Edition of Oracle ( since I get to pick it ) and as to the PostGis I am pretty sure they are using the latest version of that as well ( I am still on the outside for now ) but I am trying to get a jump on the whole thing.

            Given this is for traffic flow analysis I don't imaging the Geo-coding will be all that complex but again I don't know at the moment.

            Now having said all that I have availed myself of google and not found much in the way of conversion concepts.

            So, I have posted this to get some general information to white:

            Is it a huge thing?

            Are the coding methods that different?

            Since this I see this as only 2 dimensional ( a rode does not exist free floating in space ( well I suppose a bridge that crosses over a roadway could or possibly should have a limited Z axis ) then we simply need to correlate the location of traffic withing those spatial boundaries, thus giving us the ability to analyze volume and density through a given area.
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              FME from Safe Software is one of the option. It supports more than 250 formats


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