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    Analyse large heap dump file


      I have to analyse large heap dump file (3.6GB) from production environment. However if open it in eclipse mat, it is giving OutOfMemoryError. I tried to increase eclipse workbench java heap size as well. But it doesnt help. I also tried with visualVM as well. Can we split the heap dump file into small size? Or is there any way to set max heap dump file size for jvm options so that we collect reasonable size of heap dumps.

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          Hi, Prasad

          Have you tried open in 64-bit mat on a 64-bit platform with large heap size and CMS gc policy in MemoryAnalyzer.ini file ? the mat is good toolkit on analysing java heapdump file, if it cann't works, you can try Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java(MDD4J) in 64-bit IBM Support Assistant with large heap size.