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    VDI: Cannot See tokens + No Avaiable Desktops

      Solaris 10
      VDI 3.3 Fresh Install
      OpenDS(latest) configured with anonymous authentication and pre-filled data
      Virtualbox(latest) with a working copy of an Ubuntu VM (installed on same server as VDI)

      In this post:
      6.8.3. How to Assign Tokens to Users

      It mentions:
      "Note: Token IDs can be copied directly from the Sun Ray Admin GUI (see the Tokens tab and display Currently Used Tokens)."

      I have multiple sunrays and OVDC's on the network that are attempting to connect to the VDI platform. (It gets as far as 'Available Desktops', but no desktops are available).
      In the VDI admin gui, if I attempt to select 'Currently Used tokens' Only the default tokens appear, and not my others (Even if I self-register a OVDC for example).

      I'm getting the message when I connect a client: 'Currently, there is No desktop available or assigned to you' whenever I startup a sunray or OVDC.
      In my pool that has the started Ubuntu image, I have the following user assigned assigned: 'AnySunRayClient.000'
      However, all i get is 'No available Desktops'.

      If I try to click 'Logout' I get connection refused.

      I followed the document with no luck:

      I have also attempted to manually associated a token with a user (user.1 for example that was pre-filled into opends). But still no available desktops.
      I am not getting prompted for a user/password either.
      Can anyone help?

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          I was able to get this working..

          I realize now, that almost nothing can be touched in the SRS console.. If I do as much as add a description to a token, I run into problems.
          Registering tokens is a bid don't touch..

          I ended up install LDAP (I couldn't get token-only authentication to work, even though this is what I need)

          I am trying to set it up so that smart cards automatically log in and get automatically forwarded to the VDI 'Select an available desktop' screen, and if there is only 1 pool assigned. it automatically starts the desktop.

          Can anyone help?