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    How to set custom resolution list in the VDI selector ?

      This is on VDI 3.2.2
      How can I set the kiosk parameters for the VDI desktop selector while still allowing per pool uttsc parameters.
      I need to add a resolution to the list of allowed resolutions. According to the Admin Guide it is the -s/--screen-resolution parameter that allows me to change the list of resolutions a user can choose from.
      The documentation is a bit unclear on how to do this exactly. It indicates it should be done using the Sun Ray admin interface and change the kiosk parameter there using a -- to separate the VDI desktop selector parameters from the uttsc-bin parameters.
      These uttsc-bin paramaters can however be set on a per pool basis from the VDI admin interface.
      How will these methods interact ? Will the VDI setting overrule the Sun Ray setting ?The other way around ? Will it merge them ?
      I could not find it in the documentation .