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    Google Calendar Integration

      Has anyone built a Google Calendar Integration with CRMOD? Looking to sync appointments between the two.


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          You can try this

          Oracle CRM On Demand Calendar sync with Google Calander

          Using CRM On Demand, wondering how to get it synced with Google Calender? But don't want to pay for the custom integration ? Then you have come to the right page :)

          You would require Microsoft Outlook. CRMOD has a prebuilt Integration with MS Outlook. Now in order to sync your google calendar with CRMOD Calendar, you would have to use your outlook as your middle man. The process can be set up in 2 simple steps:-

          1) Sync Google Calendar with MS Outlook. To do so you can use the free tool found here:-http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=98563

          2) Use the PIM sync (provided by CRMOD) which will sync your Outlook & CRMOD Calendar.

          Now create your appointment in your CRMOD or Google Calendar or Outlook, everything is in sync.

          Partners can also build a custom plugin if needed
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            I know this is a bit late but Google have a full calendar API which can be used with Oracle web services to synchronise the two calendars. Just build a process that regularly polls the two apps and synchronises. Also Google have calendar gadgets which can be used to control synch. http://i3cloud.com have a solution for calendar sync that includes a gadget...

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