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    J2Me on Windows 7 contains an error

      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\WTK2.5.2_01\bin\sublime.dll: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
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          You are wrong on so many levels. But the most glaring is your assumption that this has anything to do with an error in the toolkit you are using. Its just you not reading what the error is telling you. Let me translate it: you cannot use this 32 bits stuff on your 64 bits AMD gear bro.
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            You cannot use this IA 32 by stuff on an AMD.
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              But there isn't any way out?
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                Oh yes you can run IA 32-bit stuff on a AMD 64-bit platform. However, for this application, you must use a 32-bit version of Java and you must configure the application so that it will use the 32-bit version of Java. Do this:

                Download and install a 32-bit version of Java.
                Edit C:\WTK2.5.2_01\bin\emulator.vm. In emulator.vm change the java executable to the location of your 32-bit version of java. E.g.
                C:\java6_x86\bin\java -Dkvem.home="%KVEM_HOME%" ...

                You should then be able to run the WTK 2.5.2 emulator.

                By the way, the following link claims that you could also solve the problem by uninstalling WTK, installing 32-bit Java, and then reinstalling WTK. http://peterscorner.co.uk/2010/03/27/sony_ericsson_emulator_problem_on_64bit_windows.html

                The problem isn't that you can't run 32-bit "stuff" on a 64 bit machine, but rather that a 64-bit executable cannot load a 32-bit dll. There is no problem with a 32-bit executable loading a 32-bit dll on a AMD 64-bit machine.