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    Blinks in Mac


      when using Autovue applet in a Mac environment (tested in safari, chrome, firefox) (win-safari doesn't count), we have notice a full screen blink when the applet redraws. At first, we thought it was something about our java version, but after updating to the latest release (6.31), it persisted. In Chrome, the blink has additionally a black screen blink, which is quite disgusting.

      Any ideas about the cause, or how to remove the blink? Our main client uses Mac (and Chrome) at his office, so the blinking issue is a real problem for us.

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          Could be look and feel initialization...
          Could you do this test and let me know what the result is:
          Add -Dswing.defaultlaf=<laf you are using> to client's JVM properties and load it.
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            I will. In the meanwhile, though, my investigations point to an issue about Java in a Mac's browser, which would be quite common in java applets running under Mac browsers. Apparently, Safari in Mac cannot have another process as a child process - in general, in Mac it can be done, but Safari browser has the possibility not implemented as a security feature -, and currently Java is running in a separate process using CoreAnimation to display in the same window as Safari. This way, Apple manages to show html over the java applet. But CoreAnimation does not support events, which are handled in another way. It would be this event management what causes the flickering. There was a feature called something like "run applets in the same process" that apparently mitigated this, but it was removed from Mac's Java a few updates ago.

            Still, this explanation that in Safari fits - it even speaks of unexpected background color changes, which I see in my case -, but in theory Firefox and Chrome are different browsers which may or may not use the same system. All I can say, is that Firefox has the same flickering (although not as hard), and Chrome adds a black screen mid flicker (which makes for a disgusting effect). So, without a better explanation, this one seems to fit. I also noticed that Mac is not explicitly stated as a supported system anywhere across the Autovue product family. So, if this is the true origin of the issue, I see no way to solve it.

            Still, I will try your option and send feedback on it.
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              As I feared, changing the laf setting did not affect the flickering.
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                Ricardo Av-Oracle
                There are some known issues on MAC Safari
                Some are tied to the MAC implementation of the VM and do not allow multiple VM to run (in different tabs) see http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4992509
                Some are related to rendering
                Some are tied to the way SWING works on MAC and should be fixed there, there are some workarounds, but they are not practical for large apps
                http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7130718 (similar to a very old NS 4 bug, not yet fixed on MAC)

                There are actually Safari only bugs that impact printing or 3D rendering (fails to properly get the OpenGL render context and/or image buffer)
                What we have seen internally is that Firefox does not have these issues and overall, most of the rendering issues are less painful om FF.
                Seems to be a regression introduced by the new JAVA plugin architecture change (separate process)

                Issues for browser specific bugs are

                If your customer is using JAVA on MAC, I would strongly recommed they update their VM too
                see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/04/04/apple_java_update/
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                  Warren Baird-Oracle
                  Hi Jordi,

                  I use AutoVue on the mac relatively regularly and I've never seen this black flicker you describe. I'm running on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Chrome 18 and FF 12 (I don't usually use Safari), and I'm using 1.6 u29.

                  Mac is supported as a client platform - if you look in the release notes, under "Supported Platforms -> Client" we list Mac OS X 10.6, with Safari and FF.

                  Since this likely isn't an integration issue, it might make sense to open an SR for it so our support team can work with you - They might be able to more effectively help you out.

                  I'm on the product management team for AutoVue and it sounds like you are doing some interesting things with AutoVue. If you'd be willing to chat a bit about what you are doing, please drop me an email --- my email address is <firstname>.<lastname>@oracle.com --- and you can get my name from my handle here.

                  Best regards,

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                    Greetings, and thanks for the quick answers.

                    I will check those links, Ricardo. As for version, I first noticed blinks on an mac that had been on a shelf getting dust for two years, so it was not updated and ran Java 1.6.15; then I updated it (auto update) and is running now 1.6.31. Both had the blink. As a side note, neither java versions have the option to "run in the same process" (the feature was introduced in 1.6.17 if I recall properly, and removed recently). Apparently, this option removed the issue on mac, but Apple decided to change it for security reasons. I'm not sure when it was removed, but if it is still existing in 1.6.29, it could explain the behavior on your computer, Warren. Can you try to disable it? It should be a tick option in the java version configuration dialog.

                    And yes, Firefox's blink is highly less significant than Safari's one. Chrome's one is quite bad. Our problem is that both our test computer and our client's computers show the same behavior.

                    Since the integration adds a few things in my case, such as a custom dialog, I ran a new test run with a clean applet, devoid of any modifications. The blinks persisted.

                    Warren, I will fill that service request. We are really interested in get this application working fine on a mac.