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    10g( cluster upgrade to 11g (

      Dear Friends,

      Env :

      OS : sun solaris 5.10 (sparc)
      storage : SAM FS and no ASM

      Currently i am having 2 10g RAC database ( with 2 different oracle Homes (but version is same and listeners (each oracle home and listener for each database) on 10g Cluster (

      DEV = /data/dev/oracle/ (listener name=listener - 1531 port)

      UAT = /data/uat/oracle/ (listener name=uatlistener - 1541 port)

      Now i want to upgrade DEV Database alone to and not the UAT Database

      what is the best method with less complexity

      i don't have any ASM storage.i am using SAM FS (for ocr,votingdisk,dbf files)

      My plan:


      1) Table backup of existing cluster Home,DB Home,datafiles,OCR,voting disk,oracle inventories,oratab

      2) stop the cluster (crs_stop -all) and crctl stop crs and rename all the oracle files (inventory,oratab...)

      3)remove the cluster entry from initab

      (follow 10g cluster clean up document) for the above 3 steps

      4) reboot the server and make sure no 10g cluster is trying to start

      5) Perform Pre-req of 11g grid

      6) Install 11g ( grid

      7)Join/Pin the DEV database( with it's oracle home and it's listener(listener) to 11g Grid

      8)Join/Pin the UAT database( with it's oracle home and it's listener(uatlistener) to 11g Grid

      9)Install 11g R2 ( home

      10)upgrade DEV RAC database ( to using dbua from 11g Home (edit the oratab entry and make the entry for DEV 10g database)

      i am avoiding cluster upgrade because my version is and i don't want to put any patchset and to avoid complexity in 11g cluster upgrade.

      Please confirm wheteher this method is less complex and certified approach?

      Please provide anty relevant doc and white papers.