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    OEM 10g ( to OEM 11g (11.1.0.?.?) Best Practice

      OEM running on AIX 64Bit 5.3

      --> 11g - 11.1.0.?.?

      Would like to move to a different server. However, not sure if best to new install and reconfigure or upgrade existing 10g to 11gR1?

      Anyone have any experience as to which process might be quicker. Not used the 11g version yet, so keep this in mind.

      Any gotchas, guides, best practices.

      Again, ideally we would like to move OEM off the old server (and decommision) and to the new server. How's the best way to get there?

      Note: The OEM 11g Docs Home is here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11857_01/nav/relnotes.htm

      The AIX Release Notes are here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11857_01/relnotes.111/e17440.pdf

      I have downloaded all these as well as the 11g - Docs. zip file: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/documentation/oem-091904.html and will be reviewing.

      I would like some real-world advice vs. the standard Oracle Docs which many times cover, but do not always address everything.

      I have also downloaded the 11g - Base package - Anyone know of patches required, Java versions, etc.

      Thanks in advance for all replies!
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          Courtney Llamas-Oracle
          There really is no "defined" way to move the OMS to a new server during 10g -> 11g upgrade. The best advice would be to add an additional OMS to your 10g env, duplicate completely (patches, etc). Then remove the old host when satisfied. Then upgrade that new host. The upgrade needs to be done on the node that will remain due to the Admin Server placement.

          It might be good to look at EM 12c now that it's available, as you can do a 2 system upgrade which will help in the relocation/upgrade process by using the new hw for the new OMS installation.