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    Add Ins tab disappears in Word 2007

      Hi -

      I installed Tutor 14 and I am having problem with the Add In.

      I am using Word 2007 - and when I create a new Tutor document, I can see the Add In tab at first. But as soon as I update the Document Properties, the Add In tab disappears.

      What is the issue with this, can anyone help? The OS is XP.

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          It may be a corrupt normal.dotm.
          Try deleting it.
          Close Word, find where normal.dot resides (should be in the same folder as Author.dot) and delete normal.dotm
          A new one will regenerate next time you open Word.

          Another cause could be other product's dot files that are installed to the Word start up folder.
          These may over-ride the Author.dot
          Examples are the snagit.dot, palm.dot, etc.
          Remove these from Word's startup folder and see if the behavior persisits.

          Kind regards,