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    Need Help.

    Nagaraja Akkivalli
      Hi All,

      Can you please share the link to design the Ware House using Oracle Ware House Builder. Please also post the best practices. I welcome your suggestions.

      Thanks and Regards
      Nagaraja Akkivalli.
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          Data warehouse is not something you should look at from OWB view. It's concept is bussiness and data driven while OWB is nothing but a tool.






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            Ankit Khandelwal
            Start a Mapping or Process flow from OWB.

            Oracle® Warehouse Builder Data Modeling, ETL, and Data Quality Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2)

            Automating ETL using OWB

            Debugging and Diagnostic in OWB

            OWB 10g Architecture White Paper

            Pluggable Mappings using OWB

            Oracle® Warehouse Builder API and Scripting Reference 10g Release 2 (10.2)

            Oracle® Warehouse Builder User's Guide 10g Release 2 (
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              Nagaraja Akkivalli
              Sorry for misquoting the question.

              Can you please share the link to "implement" the Ware House using Oracle Ware House Builder.

              Here we are...

              We have identified all dimensions and designed the dimensional tables. Designed the summary tables which stores the user's aggregated data. Imported all dimensional and fact table using design Center.

              What next ? I mean

              How will populate the fact and dimensional tables table from transactional table using OWB ?
              How I need to automate the table loads using jobs ?

              Please let me ow if you need any details.

              Thanks and Regards
              Nagaraja Akkivalli.
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                Ankit Khandelwal
                Hi Nagaraja,

                First Step is to import all the tables, views, proceudres, functions and other DB obects in OWB Designer. After this, using existing transformation available OOB in Designer, mappings can be created to achieve desired functionality.

                Below link describes basics of designing mapping in OWB.

                Below link shows scheduler configuration & settings.

                Please note that appropriate synonyms, priveleges and DB links must be created before hand in DB to run the mapping.

                Warm Regards,
                Ankit Khandelwal

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