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    Procedure to move mobileadmin to another machine???


      at this moment i have 2 applications in one Oracle 10g Oracle 10G lite enviroment. And 1 application in another machine (Oracle 10g Oracle 10G lite too)

      The task is how can have the 3 applications in just one Olite server. Pointing the 2 database and the 3 applications synchonizing with a PDA Client.

      The 2 applications share the connection or the data of one back_end database (mobileadmin schema).

      The other one has another back_end database (mobileadmin schema).

      Please if some guru could help me and bring me a light thank u very much.
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          i respond to myself:

          1 eliminate the user mobileadmin from the database you want to move "drop user mobileadmin cascade;"

          on the machine where you want to move:

          2 from mobileserver -->> administration -->> data syncronization -->> DataBase register

          3 fill all the parameters with the correct data

          4 if you are doing all right a message with a new schema mobileadmin have been created

          5 and thats all from mobile database workbench you can publish to the default database and to the new one its just to choose the name of the database that you register in the previous step.

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :)))

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