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    List of Values (as reference, not mandatory!)

      Problem solved (by using set item property --> validate from list to false)



      I've made a form that displays (among other things obviously) the field "Title". Now, I had to link a LoV to that field, using records from another (old) table.

      No problem there,
      but now I got told that it should be possible to also enter a new value right into that field. So the LoV should be there as an option (I should be able to enter a value in the field, that isn't in the LoV, and it shouldn't give an error, but accept that value anyway).

      I can't seem to find an option to turn off the "validation against LoV" or anything, any ideas please?

      Thanks in advance!

      ***UPDATE: ***

      I guess it's because the LoV is linked with the field, so I've removed the link between the LoV and the Title field and added the "Key-F9" event to my "Title" field.
      In there, I've put:

      DECLARE lovTitle boolean;
      lovTitle := SHOW_LOV('LOV_LIUI');

      IF NOT lovTitle THEN
      Message('You have not selected a value.');
      RAISE Form_Trigger_Failure;
      END IF;


      Yet, it doesn't do anything at all...

      I've never worked with the "Key-F9" event (nor show_lov) before, so I presume I'm just doing something wrong?

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