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    Adding learners in a learner group to a course

      Hi All,

      I got a small doubt with OLM Learner groups concept. We are in 12.1.3. I tested creating a learner group and adding learners to it (both by organization and learner assignment).

      When I try to assign a course to a Learner Group from the Application, I go to course and from "Bulk Enroll" window, I input the Learner Group to which I wanted to add the course and click on 'GO'. Now Application lists out the learners in the Learner Group. Learners in the Learner Group are not enrolled into courses unless I click the check box beside each learner and select 'Add'.

      Is this the standard way of enrolling a Learner Group to the course. I am just looking for a way where I can enroll all the learners in Learner Group to a course by selecting that particular Learner Group (rather than clicking the check box beside every learner).