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    Dynamic Action in CKE Editor / rich text

      Dear fellow developers,

      I created some dynamic actions in Apex 4.1.1, which allow me to create function keys in my application.
      For example on "key-down F10" a modal dialog opens or upon hitting "F11" the user is redirected.
      While this works as long as my Selection Type is DOM object "document", the actions are not fired once I enter the rich text editor (CKE) and it has received focus.

      Have you got an idea how to solve this problem?

      Creating an identical dynamic action and setting the Selection Type to jQuery Selector #cke_2 is to no avail.

      Many thanks,

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          No one having a hint?

          It is obviously due to the fact that the ckeditor is embedded in an iframe, which I don't have a selector for.
          I was able to add an id "#ckeditor" to the body of the iframe content but the usage of it fails.

          Maybe some code will illustrate it a little better:
          <span id="cke_P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG" class="cke_skin_kama cke_2 cke_editor_P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG" lang="de" style="width: 748px;" aria-labelledby="cke_P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG_arialbl" role="application" title=" " dir="ltr">
          <span id="cke_P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG_arialbl" class="cke_voice_label">WYSIWYG-Editor</span>
          <span class="cke_browser_gecko" role="presentation">
          <span class="cke_wrapper cke_ltr" role="presentation">
          <table class="cke_editor" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" role="presentation">
          <tr role="presentation" style="-moz-user-select: none;">
          <tr role="presentation">
          <td id="cke_contents_P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG" class="cke_contents" role="presentation" style="height:100px">
          <iframe frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" tabindex="0" src="" title="WYSIWYG-Editor, P8_STR_BEARBEITUNG, drücken Sie ALT 0 für Hilfe." style="width:100%;height:100%">
          <html lang="de" dir="ltr">
          <body id="ckeditor" class="ckeditor cke_show_borders" contenteditable="true" spellcheck="true">
          <tr role="presentation" style="-moz-user-select: none;">
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            Chuck Sauer
            Hi Sebastian,
            Did you find an answer for this? I need to create some function key shortcuts and was wondering how you went about it using dynamic actions? For instance how did you create a dynamic action for key-down F11 ? (what selector or dom object was used, etc.)