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    Java Card convert the class file into an .exp.file - one problem


      I have a problem concerning the conversion of my class files into an .exp file.
      Indeed, I have created a project (project A) containing some classes and among them an abstract class, an shareable interface and class implementing the interface Shareable of Java Card. My problem is that, for the needs of my project, I would like to import some of this classes in another applet (applet B) of another package, that I do without problem except one. The problem is due to my *.exp file. This one, instead of containing the declaration of my public class and method, contains ONLY the declaration of my shareable interface and its methods... I can not compile the applet B because the reference to the classes I import are not found...
      For my compilation and the conversion of my class file into *.exp file, I use the ant tools supplied with the Java Card Development Kit 2.2.2. To realize my applet, I use eclipse and the plugin eclipse JCDE (for java card).
      I have found more precisely where is my problem but I really need some help from you. I have read in the Java Card Virtual Machine specification that the flag ACC_LIBRARY in the CONSTANT_Package _info (§ 5.5 Export File) must be set so as to have all the entries of public classes and interface.  But, where I can change it , I do not know what is the Constant Package Info. Is someone have already have this problem?
      How can I change it?
      Thanks very much in advance for you help.