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    AWR report on 11G

    Gogala Mladen
      I am using OEM on one of my 11R2 instances. The company hasn't bought diagnostic or tuning packs, so my control_management_pack_access is set to "none". In the OEM, the "Performance" tab for the instance is disabled, as expected. However, when I descend into the "Server" pack, I can access Automatic Workload Repository and run AWR report. Does that mean that I am allowed to run AWR report on 11R2 without having paid for the performance pack? If so, that would certainly be an awesome news.
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          Balazs Papp

          "In order to use the features listed above, you must purchase licenses for Oracle Diagnostics Pack.
          Any and all methods of accessing Oracle Diagnostics Pack functionality, whether through Enterprise Manager Console, Desktop Widgets, command-line APIs, or direct access to the underlying data, requires an Oracle Diagnostics Pack license."

          So the short answer is: no.