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    CSD_RULE_MATCH_FAILED-calling service request api from oracle apps adapter

      We are doing integration between Siebel and Oracle Apps. When a service request is created on Siebel we are passing that in Oracle Apps using Oracle Apps adapter which is calling a custom API which is doing all the validations and in turn is calling a public api for service request creation. There are two types of service requests - Field Service and Depot Repair. For Field Service we are able to successfully insert the data on Oracle Apps, but for Depot Repair we are getting an error 'CSD CSD_RULE_MATCH_FAILED' from the standard API.

      We have checked the setup and found it is proper. We invoked the pl/sql API from sql developer and we are able to insert the data. So we are facing this issue only when calling the api from oracle apps adapter.
      In the invoke call we have set these properties -

      Based on our analysis till now it is looking like a security context setup issue, but we are not really sure what properties to set.

      Any help in getting this through will be greatly appreciated.