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    Process tasks notifications


      in the design console, we can send notifications to assignee, requester, user and user's manager.
      Is there any way to send notifications to other people? a (dynamic) group for instance?

      Or should I write my own adapter which would call some custom code to send the email?

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          I don't think so.
          Better create a mail template, create a process task that will send a mail. Attach this process task with your adapter ( which will send the mail via java code).
          Assign this task on success of task on which you want to send the mail.

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            ok, looks indeed a better way than custom mail. however, if I create a task and assign it to a dynamic list of users (through java code adapter), won't that task be considered as a provisioning task? I don't want these users to go to OIM UI to do anything at that moment...

            Is there any sample code for a java code adapter of task assignment type?

            also, until now and your message, I didn't understand that the "adapter" column in the assignment tab of process task was there to provide custom assignees (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/doc.1111/e14309/promgt.htm#BCEJHFBF does not explain it...)