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    Oracle 10xe on Amazon EC2 - pricing


      I want to try creating an Oracle 10gXE on the Amazon EC2 for proof of concept, which means I need it to be free or close to

      I've created my Amazon EC2 setup, and checked the pricing which i believe is close to 0 as long as the load is very little

      Now I want to create my Oracle 10gXE database using the provided AMI, but I'm not sure about the pricing.

      Do you now if I will be charged anything from Oracle doing this, and if so, how much?

      And how much will this setup impact my EC2 usages, hence how much will Amazon charge me for doing the POC?

      I only need ballpark figures, but as mentioned I only have been given a small budget to do a proof of concept on this setup, so it's important to me that I don't go over budget

      Best regards