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    11GR2 RAC installation guide (Using DNS and DHCP)

      Hi All

      I want to setup Oracle rac11gr2. I have 3 VMs out of which 1 will host DHCP and DNS. Could anyone provide me with the steps to configure DHCP and DNS on single machine.
      I am using OEL6 update2.

      I googled a bit but most of the guides are manually assigning IPs for SCAN .

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          Hi sir!

          You only need to specify the private ip on hosts file. The VIP and PUBLIC ips may be on DNS.

          I found the link below, I hope it may be useful for you!

          --- http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/install.111/b28262/presolar.htm [ sorry, its for solaris ]


          Item 2.6.2 : IP Address Requirements


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