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    Endeca Online Documentation

      Looking for online documents of Endeca (brand) products. I knew how to find these through Endeca's EDEN site, which appears "closed."

      I have an account for My Oracle Support, with an SI#, but I am unable to find online documentation for the Endeca products.

      The immediate need is configuring SSL between [WLS] app and the MDEX 6.1.4.

      Are these still available online?
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          There is a known IT issue with EDeN that is being worked on. Once it is resolved, you should be able to find the documentation there.

          In addition, the latest release of the Guided Search (a.k.a InFront) documentation is posted on OTN at: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/documentation/endecaguidedsearch-1552767.html
          We are still working on getting the latest release of documentation for Endeca Information Discovery (a.k.a Latitude 2.x) posted on OTN.

          If you are not able to find what you need in the link above or before EDeN is restored, file a Service Request ticket with our Support team through My Oracle Support. They can provide it to you.

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            Thanks. Just found what I was was looking for using a typical web search. Docs were not found external to EDEN before, so I hadn't even attempted (until minutes ago).
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              You can download documentation from the below portal.


              Bilahari M