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    fnd.wf.bes.SavePointUtility.setSavePoint(conn, name, savepoint) errors

      I have a java subscription to event "oracle.apps.csm.download.startsync"
      which I raise from PL/SQL.

      But when WF JAVA deferred Agent Listener processes the WF_JAVA_DEFERRED
      Queue, in debug log, I can see the Error:

      [Oct 30, 2008 12:29:55 AM PDT]:1225351795790:-1:-1:rws60052rems:
      :-1:Thread[inboundThreadGroup1,5,inboundThreadGroup]: 351003545:23:ERROR:[fnd.wf.bes.SavePointUtility.setSavePoint(conn, name, savepoint)]:Could not create Savepoint: java.sql.SQLException: could not set
      a Savepoint with auto-commit on

      How to solve this issue ?
      If I restart the Agent listener, Savepoint is getting created fine for the first time this api is called after restart.