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    Pass parameter to page fragment in dynamic region


      I am using Jdeveloper

      Can anyone explain to me how to pass parameter to page fragment in dynamic region?

      My situation is:

      I have only 1 page: index.jspx.

      This page include 2 elements:
      1. <af:tree>
      <af:tree id="t1" var="node" rowSelection="single"
      value="#{bindings.FpsrVO1.treeModel}" rendered="true" expandAllEnabled="true"
      contentDelivery="lazy" initiallyExpanded="false"
      contextMenuSelect="false" fetchSize="-1">
      <f:facet name="nodeStamp">
      <af:commandLink id="cl1" rendered="true"
      <af:outputFormatted id="outForm" value="#{node.Name}" rendered="true"/>
      <f:attribute name="menuId" value="#{node.Code}"/>
      2. <af:region> :
      <af:region value="#{bindings.dynamicRegion1.regionModel}"
      Region could be changed to 3 bounded taskFows wich have only one page fragment.

      Can anyone explain to me how i can send <f:attribute name="menuId" value="#{node.Code}"/> from tree element to page fragment which will be rendered on screen?