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    Details about the JMS Producers/Consumers

      Hi All,
      I am new to weblogic server.
      We are using weblogic server 11g .
      I need clarification on JMS.
      We configured a JMS to send the reports from application deployed from weblogic server( oN Windows) to another weblogic server(On OEL) in FMW. But the data flow not occurred properly.I want to check following points .

      1)All producers and consumers details for ths JMS servers
      2)To get the details about the messgae sent by producer and who is the consumers for the same.
      3)To verify whether the JMS transfered the all messages to consumer or anythng dailed.
      4)If messages were failed then details about the failure message.
      5)How to verify the producer and the corresponding consumers are valid
      6)Can i check the details from both the producer and consumer servers.

      Thanks in advance.