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    BCC - Date Picker is not displaying


      I have a repository and that is exposed through BCC. Please find the below description.

      *+<item-descriptor name="holidays" super-+*
      type="myHolidays" sub-type-value="holidays">*
      *+<table name="HOLIDAYS" type="multi" id-column-+*
      names="id" multi-column-name="sequence_num">*
      *+<property name="holidays" column-names="holiday" component-+*
      data-type="timestamp" data-type="list"/>*

      The problem we are facing is that in BCC, the date field is not showing the date picker, it is displaying as a text box only. But for all other items with similar definition are displaying the date picker. The only difference is that the others are not a list.

      Do I need to add any separate view mappings for supporting a date (list in multi relation)?