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    change url to sign in

      Hi Experts,

      When we log out from obiee you are invited to log in again. (I am using obiee
      Thank you for using Oracle Business Intelligence software. You have successfully signed out.
      To sign in again, click here.
      The URL under 'here' = ipaddress/analytics/saw.dll?BIEEHome&startPage=1
      Is there anyway to change it to
      ipaddress /analytics/saw.dll?dashboard then the users are redirected to the dashboards instead of home page??

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          Users can set dashboard in "My account" so after logon the dashboard will appear or you can set PORTALPATH System session variable in RPD to point to the specific dashboard.
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            I have already set the portal path variable to the desired URL but it only works when you log in using
            ipaddress /analytics/saw.dll?dashboard or in the users preference you set default as home page.
            That why I'd like to force the login to use /analytics/saw.dll?dashboard

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              PORTLAPATH approach works for us.
              I found this good one - http://santoshbidw.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/portalpath-variable-obiee-10g/
              Looks like applicable to 11g as well.
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                If you go to my account/preference you will see that you can choose the starting page.
                If it's not set to Default for all the user the portal_path value will not be applied. at least this is what I see in my environment.
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                  Yes you are right. We have to set it default. I was just playing around with 5-6 users. I now have not used PORTALPATH at all.
                  For one user (rgb) I have set a default dashboard to XYZ in My account.
                  I went to C:\OBIEE\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\catalog\SampleAppLite\root\users\rgb\_prefs\userprefsxmlstore
                  (open with notepad ) - you will find this type of tag -
                  <sawprefs:userPreference prefKey="startingPage">/shared/Testing/_portal/XYZ</sawprefs:userPreference>

                  -- I then went to userprefsxmlstore file of each user and added/updated this tag. ( If the user has set any default dashboard in My account - Then only you will find this tag else you won't - In this case you have to add this whole string BEFORE </sawprefs:userPreferences> - Observe the tag names carefully.
                  -- Restart all the BI services. Clear the browser cache. Once log in with weblogic and refresh metadata. Then you can test with user credentials.

                  For 30-40 users it is OK to do such change manaully - but for 50+ - certainly not - may be command line script ( search & replace ) can be prepared.
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                    Hi All

                    I've just been working with Adil and whilst yes, the portal path works for users with default in the dashboard setting but that's not what we're asking.

                    Here's our scenario. Not all our users have access to answers, and we have also removed access to the home page for most users, as it is not relevant for them as they only access dashboards (and don't need link to OTN/OBIEE help etc).

                    The normal OBIEE links defaults to the home page in OBIEE, but we have set shortcuts for users in their Internet explorer folders to this URL (http://<servername>:9704/analytics/saw.dll?dashboard) this forces all users to the dashboards instead of the normal URL (http://<servername>:9704/analytics/) which usually takes them to the home page. If we don't do this then the default ink sends user to the home page which we have disabled, and they get an error message :-)

                    We have set the portalpath variable to point to http://<servername>:9704/analytics/saw.dll? so all is fine when the users log-in by default. (unless they have changed their default login dashboard)

                    However, when the user logs-out of the system, the user is sent to the logout page (http://<servername>:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Logoff) , which has the text:

                    Thank you for using Oracle Business Intelligence software. You have successfully signed out.

                    To sign in again, click here. (the word "here" is hyperlink to this address: (href="saw.dll?BIEEHome&startPage=1") which takes them to the home page...and hence an error!)

                    What we want to do is change the link to: (href="saw.dll?dashboard") but we don't know where this file is located

                    Can anyone tell us where the file is located/called so we can change the link please

                    many thanks

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                      Not sure but looks like here - in 11g-
                      open with notepad.
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                        The file is called logonmessages.xml. You will see a reference like this in there:

                        To sign in again, click @{logonURL} here

                        Just replace @{logonURL} with your link, Reload XML from within Analytics and you should be good. It's the easy way out although you should remember that you will lose the customization if you re-install or upgrade. Also, backup the original file before making changes. Hope this helps!