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    Oracle URM 11g: Switching non-record into record

      Hi guys,

      Our customer is implementing Oracle URM 11g.

      User requirement: In the initial stage, users will upload contents into the URM repository as 'non record'. After few revisions, once the content is finalised, they will change it as 'record".

      We remember that the record and non-record are controled at Retention category folder level using the three fields which are "Restricts revisions", "Restricts Edits" and "Restricts deletion". Whatever the contents are uploaded into a category folder, it will inherit the those three fields and the record status will be set based on them. In this situation, how the users will be able to switch the a non-record which is filed under a retention category folder(those three fields are Off) will be changed into record later? We are unable to find those three fields in the content level.

      Please advice

      Thanks & Regards