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    parent-child hierarcy - row level security


      Im using OBI and have a problem about row-level security in parent-child dimension.

      I have created a parent-child dimension, simlar to:


      By using a session variable 'SESVAR1', I want to restrict the visible hierarcy. For instance user 'a1.1' should only see:


      To do this I created a parent-child closure table with the whole dataset. Then I created a physical table using select statement with my session variable in repository. Whenever I viewed data in repository, it showed the correct set.

      I created a parent-child dimension, using the original parent-child closure table. But since current distance values are different from the original hierarcy, I can not managed to build a security such a security system with this method.

      How can I build a security system, that a member can only see its child hierarchy only?

      Thanks for answers and links...

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          Use Index col() functionality

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            Im not sure but I think it is not possible with indexcol function. It works with level based security to select appropriate column for a report.

            What I need is to show a brunch of tree according to a session variable.

            Have you ever tried to build a parent-child hierarch using indexcol function? If so, Ill appriciate if you provide a simple sample. thanks ...
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              According to searches I made in support.oracle and google, it seems that it is not possible to view just a branch of a parent-child tree. Because the closure table is static. Therefore, you can not change the distances of objects dynamically.

              This parent-child ability is very frustrating for me. As I understand, parent-child dimension ability can only be used in read-only sources. Any filtering or dynamic changes does not seem possible in this structure. Any changes on parent-child table requires parent-child relation table to be rebuilt.

              I couldnt find any functionality of indexcol or choose functions in parent-child dimensions. I think they can only be used in level based dimensions.

              Any comments appriciated..