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    fnd_submit.set_request_set, stage program not getting org context

      R12 - I am using request_set submission from backend, similar to example in note [ID 221542.1]. ORG_ID context beging setup at the begining of calling package, request set request_id getting org_id properly , However stage programs not getting org_context.

      Here is the simplified example ..

      Step 0 - Org_context set at the begining

      Note: Getting org_id value at this point in fnd_log

      Step 1 - call set_request_set
      success := fnd_submit.set_request_set('FND', 'FNDRSSUB43');

      Note: fnd_concurrent_request.org_id updated properly for request set request id, so org is properly setup

      Step 2 - call submit program for each program in the set
      success := fnd_submit.submit_program('FND','FNDMNMNU', 'STAGE10', 'System Administrator', chr(0));

      Note: org_id is not update with fnd_concurrent_request.org_id for stage request_id. Report in stage is not pulling data from pa_projects, meaning org_id context is not setup for the program. There is no parameter for org_id in argument, i am expecting it to setup based on org_context.

      Thanks in advance.

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