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    Application goes slow the more is used

      Dear all,

      I have a web application deployed on a WLS 10.3.5 using Jdeveloper 11g

      O.S. is Linux OpenSuse 11.4, and we use an Oracle 11g database. The used browser is Firefox 4.0

      The problem is, the application is fast on the first 3-4 hours of use. After that, the performance goes down and the speed is very poor - but only for the users that have used the application for that time.

      To get an idea of the speed decay, when the user press a button to refresh 3 ADF tables, the browser takes more or less one second to show the refreshed datas.

      After three-four hours, the same process - press a button to refresh the same ADF tables, takes more than 10 seconds.

      Another user has began to use the application in that moment, and he has not (yet) performance problems. But he can assure, than after 3-4 hours the application will slow down also in his session.

      From within the WLS console I have stopped the application, and then re-started again. The application didn't work properly - some ADF table were not refreshed - so I did also an application update - again, from within WLS console.

      After that, the application performance is returned to its previous speed - that is, it has become fast again.

      So, from what I understand, it seems not a WLS problem and also not a coding one, otherwise the application would be slow for all the users (memory leak) I suppose.

      So the question, where should I look into in order to maintain the application speed constant ? Is there any session-garbage-collection I could perform to improve the speed ?

      Alternatively, is there any setting I can use in WLS to minimize or avoid this performance decay ?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,