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    Maximum thread constraint ClusterMessaging is reached


      I am running Weblogic 10.3.4 on Red Hat Linux 5.6. I have a JMS cluster of 2 nodes and I connect to the JMS server with something like "t3://ip1,ip2".

      I'm running a long duration test over a few days and I notice that after a while, my JMS message insertion rate slows down and I see some messages like these in my log files:

      ####<Apr 5, 2012 2:42:52 PM EDT> <Info> <WorkManager> <linpe685001> <linpe685001-Server1> <weblogic.cluster.MessageReceiver> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <> <1333651372247> <BEA-002936> <maximum thread constraint ClusterMessaging is reached>

      I've looked around for a way to increase this thread constraint but I have not been able to find anything. Can someone please tell me how to change this configuration in hopes to fix this message?