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    Can't update JDeveloper with the SOA Composite Editor


      I've installed the Jdeveloper and want now to update it with the SOA Composite Editor. After having gone to Help->Check for updates, selected "Search update centers" and checked "Oracle Fusion Middleware Products" and "Official Oracle Extensions and Updates", I don't have in the proposed list of products anything concerning the SOA Composite Editor.

      My topology is such that I have installed Oracle Fusion Middleware on a server and, given that three WebLogic servers are required for run it, the AdminServer, the soa_server1 and the bam_server1, I cannot run on the same machine JDeveloper, so I installed it on a different one. Does this have anythin,g to do with the fact that I can't update the JDeveloper installation with the SOA Composite Editor ?

      Many thanks in advance,