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    BC based on class CSSBCVExtern and data type

      Hi all,

      I'm working with siebel and i've the following problem.

      I've have a BC based on class CSSBCVExtern (get data from a web service by a business service defined into bus comp user prop Service Name) with all field defined type DTYPE_TEXT. The customer required some field with type DTYPE_CURRENCY (because the values are some king of amount for you're business) with total required true for automatic calculation (with applet based on applet web template Applet List Totals (Base/EditList), standard interactivity).

      The problem is that if i put type DTYPE_CURRENCY on this fields when the field are viewed on applet the application respond with a SSA NOTOK error and if i put type DTYPE_TEXT the automatic calculated total is truncated to integer (removing the decimal information).

      Anyone have an alternative solution or a workaround?

      Thanks a lot,
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          Hi Alessandro,

          I faced the same problem.

          Put the type of the column to DTYPE_INTEGER and set the precision to 2 or 3 (what ever you want) at table level and apply.

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            Hi Jagadeesh,

            thanks for your suggestion.
            I don't understand what do you mean with 'at table level' because is a virtual BC but I tryed with DTYPE_INTEGER, DTYPE_NUMBER, DTYPE_CURRENCY always with precision 22 and scale 7.

            Only With the combination DTYPE_CURRENCY and precision 22, scale 7 the applet list column show the decimal number.
            Unfortunatly always 00, so the number 2130,25 is viewed 2130,00.

            I have also tryed to setting the Display Format to #,###.#0 at List Column level unsuccesflully (2130,25 become 2130,0).

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              Hi all.

              After a lot o f test i discovered the problem.
              I did have used a calculated fields to show the accounts depends on same other values.
              The Virtual BC don't support calculated fields!

              I changed with filed not calculated e moved businness logic into the underline BS and all works fine withe the combination DTYPE_CURRENCY precision 22, scale 7.