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    Oracle WCI - Facebook like comments and like option.


      We are showing top stories on the home page of our portal, which keeps on changing. Now the required is to have functionality to comments on the stories and like feature same as that is availabe on facebook. Is it possible to create in WCI with IDK ot will have to use WebCentre Services...In case will ahve to use webcentre services then what should be the apprach..esembler will be required then to host the services in WCI?

      Any guidance will be helpful.

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          What is your opinion on the User Activity Portlets?


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            Though I have not used this portlet before..will check and see if this could help in our requirement..right now its throwing error "The requested service () is not currently available."
            which services its depends on?? and do we have to do any configuration for this to work like importing any pte file or any setting in configuration manager??
            Thanks for your help!!

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              I think it is in the install guide.

              This is from the KB:

              Applies to:

              Oracle WebCenter Interaction - Version: 6.5.0 and later [Release: and later ]
              Information in this document applies to any platform.

              This article provides instructions on configuring the Activity Service and answers questions such as "How to configure the Activity Service database?", or "What needs to be entered into the configuration manager?"

              The Activity Service Portlets are part of the Webcenter Interaction Portal Product. Below are suggested instructions on configuring Activity service and the components it connects to such as ALUI Directory, Notification, and API.


              Configuring ALUI Directory
              Configuring Aqualogic Notification Service
              Configuring Activity Service
              Service Startup Order
              Troubleshooting Tips


              1. Configuring ALUI Directory:

              - You must have the ALI LDAP Service running for activity service (aka. Remote
              portlet service) to run.
              - API Service must be running properly and entered in the correct SOAP URL in
              the Portal Settings : Portal URL Manager Utility. ALI Directory is
              dependent on API Service, Restart API Service, if necessary.
              - You must run the following SQL Scripts against Portal Database:
              \bea\alui\aluidirectory\1.0\sql\ (see README.txt in this folder for more info)

              2. Configuring AquaLogic Notification Service:

              - Make sure you set General Settings : AquaLogic Interaction URL and BEA ALI
              API Service URL (This is not automatically entering upon install).

              3. Configuring Activity Service:

              - You must eyeball and confirm each of the following (Activity Service Database,
              Application Settings, Common Notification Service Client, General Identity
              Services, Logging, Login Tokens, User and Group Directory).
              - Make sure you created your Activity Service Database and configured Configuration Manager to
              point to this database. (No scripts need to be run).
              -Make sure the BEA AL Notification Service is running properly, and it is being pointed to in the configuration manager.
              - If you are getting SAMLKeystore Errors in logs: make sure the settings are
              the following (note these are the default settings and should only be changed if they were mistakely adjusted):
              o Key service default alias : SAML2Keystore
              o Key service passphrase : saml2keystore
              - Make sure you fill the Login Token : Message authentication code seed value:
              String value used to create MAC signatures used to authenticate Login Tokens.
              For portal tokens, this value should match the "login token root key".
              in the PTSERVERCONFIG table in the portal database. Also, the Default Token Type Must be
              - User and Group Directory Configuration (Authentication provider Must be ALI):
              Host : localhost
              Port : 389
              Principal : uid=administrator,ou=users,dc=bea,dc=com
              Credential (same administrator password used with the portal login)

              Note: You may need to change the HOST above if the ALI Directory is on a seperate
              server from the activity service.

              4. Service Startup Order:

              For Activity Service portlets to function correctly, start services in the following order:

              BEA ALI API Service
              BEA ALI LDAP Directory
              BEA AL Notification Service
              BEA ALI Remote Portlet Service (This runs the activity service)
              5. Troubleshooting Tips:

              Confirm services have all been started in the order described in step 4 "Service Startup Order", and that these services are running.
              Test the ALI Directory using the instructions in the the metalink article entitled, "How can I connect to the ALI/WCI Directory Service through an LDAP browser?".
              Startup Logging Spy utility (PTSPY) on each of the servers running Portal Web Server, ALI API, LDAP Directory, Nortification and Remote Portlet Service (AKA Activity Service). While attempting to load the activity service portlets, collect a PTSPY log from each of the 5 mentioned areas above. These should be collected concurrently while reproducing the problem.
              If there is an error in the Activity Service portlet, see if you can find the error in the portal spy. Note the timestamp and next look in the remote portlet service (activity service) spy for any errors during this time period.
              You may find errors related to areas such as ALI API, Notification, or Directory. You can search for these errors on Metalink to see if there is a related knowledge article.
              Open an Oracle support case in Metalink and provide the 5 PTSPY logs mentioned above with a description of the problem, errors, and any screenshots. Also provide screenshots of all the configuration manager settings described in Steps 1-3.

              NOTE:1163858.1 - WebCenter Interaction Master Note
              NOTE:878956.1 - How can I connect to the ALI/WCI Directory Service through an LDAP browser?

              Middleware > WebCenter > Oracle WebCenter Interaction Products > Oracle WebCenter Interaction

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                its doesn't have the "like" and "comments" functionality...user status portlet allow the logged in user to update there message..can only be used by one users...not a feature as "comments" on post..and user activity portlet show the different activities performed by other users..

                any other idea?
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                  Out of the box - no such functionality exists.

                  You could code your own?

                  We used Collaboration Discussions to allow people to post questions. But it is far from Facebook.

                  You might want to try posting to:


                  They might be able to better assist.