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    JPS page port

    Claudio A.
      Hi to all ...

      I have a forms/report application and i run the application by http://myserver:8888/forms/frmservlet....

      I deploy in the same server same JSP page to run the JSP page the URL is http://myserver:7001/jsp_page/test.jsp

      The question is

      Is it possible have the same port for run FORMS and JSP page ????

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          WebLogic Server instance would listen on one single port for HTTP traffic unless we configure a channel (network access point). I am assuming you have not configured a channel.
          Based on the above statement I want to correct your understanding a little here.
          "myserver:8888" may represent a different process (may be OHS/webServer that generally frontends the weblogic server in Oracle Middleware installations like Forms/Reports etc)
          "myserver:7001" may be the actual weblogic server instance where the applications are hosted.

          So, the request made to "myserver:8888" inturn redirects to "myserver:7001" if that is the only available weblogic server in the backend.
          So, it means that
          would actually be

          Thus it means that we are ideally having the same port on the weblogic server instance serving both JSP page and forms servlet.

          Now, if your requirement is to server the jsp_page also through the webserver, then you can achieve that as well by configuring a location directive for jsp_page same as the one for forms in OHS configuration files (httpd.conf)
          For example,
          <Location /forms>
          SetHandler weblogic-handler
          WebLogicCluster myserver:7001
          <Location /jsp_page>
          SetHandler weblogic-handler
          WebLogicCluster myserver:7001