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BPEL Callback issue in Asynchronous service

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I’m sporadically getting Callback service issue with Asynchronous BPEL service. (SOA version is 11.1.14)
Appreciate inputs to resolve it.

The service is working as expected in most cases and is able to make a callback to the parent service, but random few instances give error – “Unable to access endpoint”
<remoteFault xmlns="">
<part name="summary">
oracle.fabric.common.FabricInvocationException: Unable to access the following endpoint(s):!1.0*soa_2c3cea4d-8791-453c-aed1-0569a86fa268/WorkFlowSvc%23POProcess/WorkFlowSvc

The endpoint URI opens up in browser, so endpoint exists; and as mentioned above, many instances have completed successfully too.

The service continues to be in running state and hence the parent process also remains in running state, unlike in success case when both get completed..

Now, one observation is that the binding port and endpoint location given in code is http uri; not https
So not sure why the deployed service is pointing to https uri for callback to parent service.

In success cases, I’m not able to see the endpoint uri for callback, only the message is seen.
So I’m not able to confirm if it uses the same https uri when it completes successfully..

-     Could the issue be related to https access/ owsm policy?
-     How to check the endpoint point uri for async/ callback service in success case? The SOA logs don’t indicate it either, except in error cases (log level is development/ Trace32 fine)
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    FabricInvocationException exception mostly occurs when process is trying to connect WS/Partnerlink service which is not accesible.

    I fixed this issue,
    1. After setting external WS certificate(Keystore) information in my weblogic server.
    2. I have made my weblogic url as public, after which wsdl url is accessible to my destination service.

    Hope this would help in fixing your issue.

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    How did you resolve this issue. Can you elaborate more on this as I am also facing the same issue while accessing WSDL URL of another service from my BPEL process.I am able to access the WSDL URL from the browser.


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